0.1.5 Released!

Heya guys,

I hit huge roadblocks this weekend with getting stuff out due to work/technical difficulties. This has thrown me way behind schedule. The random events system also had me scratching my head for hours. I cracked it today and know how to do it now, but there's still a lot of work to be done. That being said, I've pushed through a ton of quality of life changes and generally crossed off over half of the remaining TODO's on the game. I now expect to have one more small patch 0.1.6 tomorrow containing the rest of the TODO's, and then patch 0.1.7 being the random events system that ties the entire game together. I expect that to be this weekend realistically.

Patch 0.1.4 was quietly released this weekend and temporarily had the game as a download. It is now restored to an html player for the time being.

After that I'll give the game a final polish and prepare for a full 1.0 release! I'm also looking for someone to do some music for the game, so if you know anyone or are interested please drop me a line!

Patch 0.1.5

New Features:

  • *Random wake-up messages
  • *More and better status lines
  • *Quality pass on text lines throughout game
  • *Added a title screen
  • *Added modular introduction screen so I can add credits or other stuff later easily
  • *Flirting can now be done only once per day
  • *Most actions are now unavailable if certain stats are too low
  • *Added many game over states
  • *There are now consequences for stats hitting max and min values

Bug Fixes:

  • *Fixed many stress bugs
  • *Fixed major RNG bug
  • *Fixed absences bug
  • *Cleaned up game start
  • *Fixed flirting bug
  • *Fixed many bugs preventing lines from being played randomly


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Feb 13, 2018

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