Patch 0.1.1 Released!

Today marks the first patch for Are You Alone?

There's still a few known bugs and several features that aren't implemented that players can mess with by accident. If you try to date or flirt the function will simply fail. Patch 0.1.2 will focus on getting the dating and relationship features into the game. In the mean time, much more of the base game is playable and player feedback is much more detailed. Currently the difficulty is *brutal* so I'm pretty sure it's unwinnable. I don't want to focus on balance quite yet as the missing core features will just require a rebalance if I do (and also no one's actually playing it of course).

Patch 0.1.1

New Features:
*Added tutorial
*Added tooltips
*Changed focus to stress
*Expanded night screen
*Added daily expenses
*Added housing expenses
*Improved actions screen
*Added moving homes

Bug Fixes:
*Removed deprecated code
*Removed bug with first day stats report
*Removed bug where getting a job on a workday would count as an abscence from work
*Fixed many state bugs
*Fixed many minor display bugs
*Fixed typos

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Feb 06, 2018

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