Patch 0.1.2 Released!

Hey guys,

Been an incredibly busy day and a half or so for me. I did about 1500 lines of code today alone, which is a record for me by a pretty good margin. As you can see I added a lot of major features today. This marks the game *almost* feature complete, but still with a huge amount of content to be added. I would like to have 0.1.3 (which will also be release candidate 1) ready by tomorrow night, but I also have a big work event this weekend so it might be delayed until Monday (hopefully not, though). For my first game, I want to really avoid feature creep so I'm keeping a lid on adding additional features unless I'm really sure the game needs it. There's some stuff I'm not sure about, but before I give you the patch notes have a quick teaser of the 0.1.3 features:

0.1.3 Planned Features:

**Limiting more actions if stats are low** 

**More random messages on turn end screen** 

**100 RANDOM EVENTS that can happen each day!!**

**Balance pass**

So get excited for that stuff! I'm especially pumped for the random events system, which will be the last major feature for the game and one which will make it far more dynamic. I'm really excited for the challenge of coding it and for what it will add to the game. Without further ado, here's the patch notes for the release from tonight:

Patch 0.1.2 Release

New Features:
*Added ability to flirt
*Added ability to go on dates
*Added ability to enter a relationship
*Added ability to meet women dynamically
*Added descriptions and introductions for each woman
*Added nightly checks to modify and report and your relationships

*Balanced loneliness values
*Made meeting women slightly more frequent

Bug Fixes:
*Small fixes too numerous to enumerate
*Fixed flirt screen holding the player hostage. Forever.

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Feb 08, 2018

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