Patch 0.1.3

Sorry guys, it's not the big one. Ended up on a time crunch and I'm now out of town for the weekend. However, I did get a chance at some general improvements. Other planned patch 0.1.3 features will now be relegated to 0.1.4 and will hopefully be released by Monday, though the random event system is proving to be considerably more work than expected (think hundreds of if statements to support it).

New Features:

*There's now a meter for your happiness, stress, pride, and loneliness on every screen!

*Loneliness now isn't quite so brutal

*Can no longer ask out a girl if you're already in a relationship (note: you will eventually be able to instead end your current relationship willfully)

*Rewrote parts of the tutorial to make it shorter and more sensible

*Getting kicked out of school will now instantly set your relationship with your parents to bad

*Now correctly lists people you know on the main screen once more

Bug Fixes:

*Getting fired now resets your work absences, which should in turn prevent a late-game bug from getting you instantly fired from every job

*Jealousy penalties will now overwrite "missing you" penalties, because I think that makes sense. Jealousy has a chance of happening, where missing you will happen all the time if not jealous. 

*Fixed a bug where jealousy would trigger twice


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Feb 09, 2018

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